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Finally! Spotify App Available for Windows Phone 8

Posted by Perception System Thursday, February 21, 2013

Windows 8 App Development India

Slowly and steadily, there are many applications that are accumulating in the Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone 8. One more application, ‘Spotify’ is now obtainable for Windows Phone 8, so Nokia, Samsung and HTC users make their hands ready to use this application that is obtainable for them to download. By using this application, users can get benefit of sportify subscriptions and listen to their favorite music on their smart-phones.

Well, this application has been obtainable for Windows Phone 7, iOS and android devices and now, finally for Windows Phone 8. This application is launched because the users of Windows Phone 8 are increasing constantly, and the demand for its applications is also escalating. 120000+ applications are already obtainable at Windows Phone Store that users can download and enjoy a range of features. We can say that Spotify is quite late to arrive for Windows Phone 8 users, but no worries finally it is available for them.

Best part of this application is that it is obtainable free for the first 30 days, and then it charges very nominal amount $9.99 a month for a premium subscription. Quickly, this application has gained huge attention of people as it shows its Windows Phone 8 skills with a resizable live tile by which you can see the music, which you are listening. The live tile of this application is completely best to touch, which can be easily resized to any to small, medium and large easily.

If users set it for medium and large sizes, automatically the tile flips and shows current playlist or album of any song that you are currently playing. Isn’t it cool? For me, yes it’s a wonderful and I am expecting that this feature will surely fall-in-love with this application. When it comes to main menu of Spotify for Windows Phone 8, it shows a search box, allowing users one touch access to their different playlists. Apart from this, users are also able to choose access of the application in offline only mode, stream in high quality and more.

Through its What’s New menu, you can easily find new tracks that are updated in the Spotify library. All the users can easily listen to these tracks by tapping on the album art icon. They can also share track’s information through your messages, facebook, email and more. For sharing, you can find sharing menu at the bottom of the screen. Really, this application is simple, user-friendly and easy-to-use that allow you to enjoy a range of features.


>>> Download Spotify App here <<<


Users are also able to add some more and additional features in Spotify application that is obtainable for Windows Phone 8. They just need to hire Windows Phone 8 developers, who are capable of offering Windows Phone development services. You can hire expert Windows 8 phone developers from Perception System and have more fun with this application!!


  1. Julia Says:
  2. oh great....its very nice for windows phone lovers

  3. Sonali Vish Says:
  4. I am windows phone lover and always searching for the new apps for it.This is really a good information you have provided to us. Thank you so much for this.


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